One of the longest-running annual events, the College of Business Administration celebrated its 43rd annual Everett W. Ockerman Awards Luncheon this past Sunday, Sept. 30, at the Niagara Falls Country Club. This special day was created in remembrance of Dr. Everett Ockerman, who served as chair of the department of commerce for 25 years. He retired in 1975 and provided funds for the Helen K. and Everett W. Ockerman Scholarship and for this annual event to recognize graduating business seniors for their hard work in achieving academic success, earning a minimum 3.5 overall GPA.    

Dr. Hoontaek Seo, associate professor of finance and chair of the economics and finance department. served as the emcee for the event. The Rev. Aidan R. Rooney, C.M., vice president for mission integration, graciously provided the invocation.

Gerald Janan, ’58, a former student of Dr. Ockerman, his wife, Judith, daughter and granddaughter attended the event.  Janan shared his recollections in his talk “Remembering Doc Ock.” Janan grew up in Father Baker’s orphanage and was recruited by Dr. Ockerman to join the track team at Niagara, providing a scholarship for his tuition. In his inspiring story, he explains, “I truly believe that God has a purpose for each and every life. When He is helping us to accomplish our purpose and reach our full potential, I believe He sends us instrumental people to help us reach that end.”

Faculty from the four business departments presented a certificate to each student in recognition of their excellence in academic merit.

Dr. Mark Frascatore, who joined the college as dean in June, provided the closing remarks.

"This was my first Ockerman Awards event and it was truly a privilege to be a part of it," he said. "It was so inspiring to see the high-achieving students receive recognition alongside many of their proud parents, to sit next to one of the first Ockerman Award winners – Ms. Joann Reedy, to hear Gerry Janan himself tell his wonderful story, and to learn about this truly good man – Dr. Everett Ockerman. It’s events like this that make our jobs in higher education so fulfilling.”

Ockerman Awards | 09.30.18

Below is the listing of the student honorees:

Amy Barg
Sierra Bertrand
Matthew Corapi
Jerrica Davis
Elizabeth Faxlanger
Madison Genson
Daniel George
Caroline Grande
Shannon Martineau
Thomas McManus
Matthew Mietlowski
Christopher Miller
MacKenzie Molodetz
Hang Nguyen
Lauren Paul
Alan Peunic
Lauren Testa
Khanh Tran
Carl Wagner
Trevor Wasik

Alessia Filutze

Hailey D’Hont
Paul Doxbeck
Adam Hansgen
Sean King
Emma Lindke
Tanner Lomsnes
Linh Nguyen
Ryan Peters
Michael Potempa
Nicholas Pozzobon
Daniel Ronen

Erin Bliemeister
Abigail Bordieri
Nicholas Farmer
Maria Gabriele
Morgan Genovese
Huong Hoang
Rylee Kalinski
Emme Kosten
Shameka Magby
Amber Marshall
Shawn Murphy
John Nichols
Daniel Tyczynski

Bailey Collins
Garrett Gardner
Anh Nguyen

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