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“Ladies and gentleman welcome to Sal Maglie Stadium, home of your Niagara Power…”

Claire Wanzer, '19, looks back at her time working for Niagara Power in a two part series, "Foul Balls." Claire introduces her internship with the NYCBL baseball team by describing how it felt to be the team's mascot, a lightning shaped "Bolt" that provided just enough leg room to slowly walk or ...shuffle. Claire also shares how she eventually ditched the mascot costume and was asked to do the public address. This is where she found her role in the game. She quickly learned how to announce sponsorships, players names, and control the speed of the game through her announcing. 

Claire Wanzer - Niagara Power

Claire Wanzer - Announcing for Niagara Power

Reflecting on her time at the Power, Claire said, "Getting to announce 'Niagara Power are your 2019 NYCBL Champions' was the most exciting, energizing, and thrilling thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to do. Going from not knowing what a passed ball was to calling them for our official scorekeeper was progress. Going from avoiding baseball at all costs to being able to say I actually find the sport enjoyable— is something I never would have anticipated by any means."

After completing her undergraduate degree at Niagara University, Claire went on to study communications at Virginia Tech where she is a graduate teaching assistant for a public speaking course.

Read part one and part two of "Foul Ball."

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