Pictured with Dr. Chang Huh, second from right, are Dr. Seunghyun Kim (Michigan State University), chair of the scientific research paper review committee; Dr. Myong Jae Lee (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona), co-author; Dr. Howook Chang (Florida International University), co-author; Dr. Chihyung "Michael" OK (Temple University), KAHTEA vice president.

A research paper co-authored by an associate professor at Niagara University was awarded second place during the 2016 Korea America Hospitality and Tourism Educators Association Conference, which was held April 21-22 in Las Vegas.

The paper that was co-authored by Dr. Chang Huh, who teaches in NU’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, was titled A Descriptive Study of Ambient Noise Levels in Hotel Guestrooms. It examined what contributes to noise levels in the guestrooms at urban, suburban, and interstate hotels. The results of the study offer a thorough description of guestroom noise and should help management understand and amend the noise in guestrooms that may disrupt the guest experience.

In that conference, Fabian Lehmann, who is matriculating toward a degree in hospitality management from NU as well as from his highly regarded home institution in Bad Honnef, Germany, also presented a research paper, To Return, or Not To Return: Retention Factors among Seasonal Employees?, during the Undergraduate Student Research Forum. The paper examined underlying factors that can persuade skilled seasonal employees to return to their jobs during the busy season.

Founded in 2011, the Korea America Hospitality and Tourism Educators Association fosters academic and professional collaboration and networking between hospitality educators and industry professionals in both Korea and America.

Participants in this year’s conference included researchers from the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

Dr. Huh serves as president of KAHTEA.

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