The Niagara University ROTC program held its annual spring awards ceremony at the Castellani Art Museum on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Congratulations to the following cadets:

Middleport American Legion Post 938 Award:

  • Dustin Schulz

Niagara County Committee American Legion Auxiliary Award:

  • Rochelle Thomas

Leo Dolan Post 410 Award:

  • Brian Duncan and Nathan Jaquith

Wheatfield Post 1451 Award:

  • Tyler Martin

American Legion Frederick F. Cadille Post 1664 Award:

  • Peter Caputo

American Legion LaSalle Post 1142 Award:

  • Tiernan Callahan-McCann, Stephen Siedlecki, Denis Segrue, and Zachary Nutter

Stephen Sikora American Legion Post 1322 Award:

  • Jacque-Leen Taylor

America Legion District 8 Scholastic Medal:

  • Kathleen Malloy

America Legion District 8 Military Leadership Award:

  • Zachary Nutter

American Legion District 8 Auxiliary Scholastic Award:

  • Joe Fumerelle

National Defense Transportation Association Award:

  • Zachary Nutter

USAA Spirit Award:

  • Mark Dryfhout

Military Officers Association of Western New York Award:

  • Dennis Segrue

Distinguished Military Graduates:

  • Ben Geblein
  • Zachary Nutter
  • Rochelle Thomas
  • Tyler Martin
  • Marie Olszewski
  • Casey Rebovich
  • Jeff Wojtkowski

The following cadets have been ranked by the Niagara University cadre as the top cadets in their military science classes:

  • MSI: Collin Leith
  • MSII: Allen Smith
  • MSIII: Kathleen Malloy
  • MSIV: Marie Olszewski

Army ROTC Awards Ceremony | 04.21.16

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