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The Niagara University mathematics department offers a highly illustrious minor in statistics. The statistics minor gives students the research skills that they need to be successful in graduate school. Students have an advantage in both applying to graduate schools as well as jobs after having taken the statistics minor. Students are prepared to do research in their fields and use data to confront real-world problems.

“Honors students complete a two-semester research project," said Dr. Marlo Brown, professor of mathematics. "Many of those students have told me that they wouldn't have been able to do the research for the honors thesis if they had not taken the courses for the statistics minor.” 

The statistics minor consists of six courses. A two semester introductory statistics course, two upper level applied statistics courses, a research methods course, and an internship or honors thesis.  For many majors, three to five of these courses are already required. Psychology B.S. honors students would only need to take one additional course. In fact, most of our statistics minors are psychology majors.

“Business, economics, accounting, criminal justice, political science, and social work students should also consider getting a statistics minor. Any major where students are doing quantitative research would benefit from doing the statistics minor,” said Dr. Brown. 

Students minoring in statistics go on to endeavor research projects across campus. They work with the offices of Institutional Research, Study Abroad, Academic Support, IMPACT, and Alumni Giving. In addition, students can participate in internship opportunities through connections within their departments. 

The professors in the math department are very accessible to help the students with their research as well as coursework. Tutors are available for students that need extra assistance or refreshing with course materials. Actually, many students with a minor in statistics become tutors in the lower division courses. 

Consider a statistics minor, as it would give you a huge advantage entering the workforce and offer good job security. 

“I would like to see more students complete the statistics minor," Dr. Brown said. "It's a great program and the students that have completed are glad they did.”