Skyler Jessup — Featured Story

“As a Lead Community Advisor (LCA) on campus, I go out of my way to suggest the academic exploration program as much as possible to incoming students. That is why I chose NU, and that is why I’m happy here.”

Skyler Jessup, ‘22, is a sport and recreation management major who started his college career in Niagara University’s Academic Exploration Program (AEP). 

During his college decision process, Skyler was unsure of what major he wanted to pursue. He made the decision to commit to Niagara because he researched the AEP program, and had spoken to his admissions advisor about the benefits of spending up to two years exploring classes and receiving academic counseling. His concern was graduating on time, which was possible through AEP.

Skyler’s first semester on campus was filled with AEP counseling sessions and a variety of courses in different fields to figure out where his true passion lies. In one of his counseling sessions, his advisor encouraged him to get involved on campus. He always had a passion for hockey and was fascinated by the inner workings of the sports industry so he joined the Sports Management Association and got a job working at Dwyer Arena. Through working in sports operations on campus, Skyler had an opportunity to work at D1 athletic events and reignite his passion for sports. 

Within one semester, he had found his passion for sports management. Looking back at his time as an AEP student, Skyler was glad that he made the decision, found his path, and is confident going forward that he made the right choice in his college and career path.

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