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Two orientation leaders greet new students and parents to the Niagara University campus during the 2022 Summer Orientation event.

At Niagara University, Summer Orientation (or SumO as we call it) is an exciting experience for incoming first-year students. SumO is a time for you to get familiar with Niagara University, meet your future classmates, and get all the information you need to be comfortable and successful on campus. 

If you're an incoming freshman, here are five things to look forward to at Summer Orientation this month.

  1. Explore your new home. It’s your chance to take it all in and explore your new home. Find out about numerous opportunities that are an essential part of campus life at Niagara. Throughout the SumO program, you will be introduced to academic buildings, dining halls, the best spots to hang out, the library, and much more.
  2. Taste of independency. Gaining independence in college happens gradually. Remember, you’re not alone and asking for help is okay. Our SumO experience is a fantastic way to transition from high school to feeling excited and ready for the start of the academic year.
  3. Make connections. This is an ideal time to meet fellow first-year students. You will also meet our Orientation Leaders, who are all upper-class students at Niagara – they are here to help all new students and families transition to Niagara University. They will share a ton of knowledge with you about the university, gained through their own experiences. No matter your questions, feel free to reach out to any of them. They are excited to welcome you as the newest Purple Eagles!
  4. Find out how you can get involved and experience night life at NU. With over 100 student clubs and organizations, or one of our many club sports that may catch your interest, you'll find a variety of social, cultural, athletic, and educational student organizations to choose from at Niagara. During SumO, we also have some fun late-night activities to meet new friends on campus!
  5. Receive your academic schedule. Learn what your academic time on campus will be like at Niagara. You will receive your fall semester class schedule and get any questions you may have answered about courses.

And bonus … you can boost your Purple Pride! Throughout SumO, you will have a chance to win prizes and receive giveaways to build your purple wardrobe.

Register for SumO and view the schedule on our website for Summer Orientation.