Abbie Ross — Featured Story

Criminology and Criminal Justice student, Abbie Ross, '23

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - What started as a passion for advocacy transformed into productive action when Abigail (Abbie) Ross, ‘23, started her journey on Monteagle Ridge as a criminology and criminal justice student at Niagara University.

“As a young girl, I always had an interest in the criminal justice system,” Ross said. “I was passionate about justice-related issues and knew that I wanted to play a role in being a positive asset to a flawed system. I had aspirations of building a career in criminal justice in some regard, whether through advocacy, the legal system, or law enforcement.”

Niagara’s criminology and criminal justice department has supported Ross in pursuing her passions. She has been able to receive hands-on learning experience that has allowed her to flourish and ground herself in advocacy.

“The most notable opportunities I have had would be my involvement in the Criminal Justice Association, as well as partaking in two independent studies that have allowed me to dive into the advocacy aspect of criminal justice,” Ross said. “I also have an internship with the Niagara Falls Police Department: Domestic Violence Unit, which would not have been possible without the connections with my professors.”

Ross has also taken on a new role this year as the Student Coordinator for our annual Take Back the Night event, which helps to bring awareness to sexual assault prevention and collective advocacy.

“This program and all its opportunities have truly helped me to learn to not doubt myself, and to work hard to achieve my aspirations,” she said. “I have learned to put myself out there and become my own advocate in pursuit of my passions.”

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