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Niagara University marketing students had the opportunity to participate in this year’s Wing Fest at Highmark Stadium in early September. The students participated as ambassadors for TUMS, one of the world’s premiere companies for antacid relief.

The students handed out 10,000 TUMS samples and coupons, along with 5,000 drawstring backpacks, to Wing Fest visitors. The students brought energy to the booth and even gained some off-campus experience that aligns with marketing tactics they have learned in their courses.

The heat of the weekend and the chicken wings did not stop the students from participating in this event. Everyone came prepared to read TUMS information and guidelines to the festival visitors. This experience allowed students to not only apply what they’ve learned in their marketing classes, but also witness firsthand the sales approach to further entice visitors to try the sampled product. 

The team enjoyed this experience as it allowed them to get to the forefront of the consumer and advertise the TUMS product in its ideal setting, a chicken wing festival.

For more information, visit the Holzschuh College of Business Administration website.

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