Students get an update on the construction from Andy Nguyen, director of campus operations.

After just five years at its new location in Vaughan, Ontario, Niagara University is set to expand its campus and further strengthen it presence as a binational university in the United States and Canada.

Later this year, Niagara will complete an 18,000 square foot expansion of its campus in the vibrant city of Vaughan, complete with more state-of-the-art classrooms, expanded spaces for collaboration, student lounge areas, and faculty offices.

A number of current students recently had the opportunity to tour the construction space and learn about the work that is progressing in the three-story expansion.

“The consideration and careful planning by NU to address the needs of students is a clear example of the administrative focus on meeting the requirements that students need,” said Theo DeBono, who is earning his BPS in education. “Without having to leave campus, program members can now congregate and meet on site, before, between, or after classes. Creating a positive community environment will be a fantastic addition to the programs offered here at Niagara University.”

Throughout the tour, Andy Nguyen, director of campus operations – Vaughan, provided detail about the different areas of the of the expansion, which is scheduled to be open in the fall of 2024.

“I was excited about the large size and design layout of the new spaces, especially with the two additional floors, the student lounge, and the introduction of the café,” said Kehinde Olatunji, a student in the MBA program. “With the additional classes and improved technological devices, more students will have lots of space for reading and research, and it will foster a collaborative and dynamic learning community.”

Since 1984, Niagara University has offered programs in Canada which operate under the written consent of the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. The university has maintained strong partnerships with Catholic and public school boards in Ontario, as well as with many of the colleges in the province. The opening of a permanent location has provided students and alumni a place to call their Niagara University home and continue the 35-year legacy of Niagara alumni who take on leadership roles across all professions in Canada.

“Walking into that new space was refreshing and rewarding. Students will be granted the opportunity to experience rooms to have private conversations with professors, areas to work with other peers, an area to eat lunch and grab a coffee, as well as an area to hang out and debrief from life,” added Veronica Faraone, a student in the BPS program. “This new space will improve the overall experience (for) students who study at NU by creating the environment to feel like they are free to be comfortable with where they are.”

“The new spaces being constructed at Niagara University have the potential to significantly enhance the overall experience for students by providing them with modern, innovative, and inclusive learning environments that support their academic, personal, and professional growth,” said MBA student Akabogu Nnanyelu Kosisochukwu. “Upgrading and expanding campus facilities can enhance NU's competitiveness in attracting and retaining top students, faculty, and staff, as well as securing funding and partnerships with external organizations.”

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