Dr. Jay Walker, assistant professor of economics, and senior economics major Allyssa Wadsworth had their paper published in the Journal of School Choice.

In the fall of 2015, Dr. Jay Walker, assistant professor of economics, and economics student Allyssa Wadsworth presented their paper, “Religiosity and the Impact of Religious Secondary Schooling,” at the Southern Economic Association meetings in New Orleans, Louisiana. The paper has now been published in the Journal of School Choice, International Research and Reform, Volume 11 2017, Issue 1.

The paper grew from a course project in Dr. Walker’s Econometrics course that Wadsworth was enrolled in during the spring 2015 semester.

Dr. Walker commended Wadsworth on her work ethic and her future plans. “Allyssa was very diligent in pursuing the project over the past two years to transform her efforts from the class into publication in a peer reviewed academic journal,” he said. “She currently has applications out for a number of economics Ph.D. programs and is hopeful to start to pursue her graduate degree this fall. The effort she invested in this project should serve as a valuable basis to begin her graduate studies, I personally am very proud of her past and future accomplishments.”

Wadsworth is appreciative of the knowledge she has gained during the research process, stating, “This project has allowed me to begin working on academic research early in my academic career and learn valuable skills in preparation for graduate school. The process has also helped broaden my network of contacts and knowledge within the field of economics. I am grateful for the support throughout the process and hopeful to continue the positive momentum from this publication into my future endeavors.”

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