Drew Cerza, founder of the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival, spoke to Niagara University business students Sept. 6 in the Gallagher Center.

Just a few days after the 16th annual National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival was held, Niagara University’s business students had the opportunity to hear from the entrepreneur who founded it.

Drew Cerza was the featured presenter Sept. 6 for the third “Rally in Gally,” the College of Business Administration’s yearly event that brings together students, faculty and supporters in the name of business education.

During his presentation, Cerza briefly explained how the wildly popular festival originated and evolved, and how the event has proven to be a major boon for the regional tourism industry. He then delved into the concept of personal branding, including the responsible use of social media, the importance of community service and the qualities desired by today’s employers.

“Your smile and your handshake mean everything,” Cerza said. “Don’t fake it. People can sense when you fake sincerity. Don’t go through the motions in life. Don’t go through the motions in classes.”

Cerza, known to many as the “Wing King,” is an advisory board member for Niagara University’s Food Marketing Center of Excellence, and its new concentration in food marketing and consumer-packaged goods.

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